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Meet The Team

Natasja Beyleveld
Natasja Beyleveld
Managing Director / Owner
Gift Siukuta
Gift Siukuta
Business Operations

Research and Report Writing : Natasja Beyleveld and Gift Siukuta
Media Content Analysts: Magano Itula, Leena Halweendo, Wilson Ziunye, Teopolina Kamati
Clippings & Updates: Zynab Hainyanyula
Office Cleaner: Veronika Mbavanga

NaMedia’s bookkeeping/accounting is done by an independent consultant; Ronell Oberprieler, and also contracted auditing firm Stier Vente.
NaMedia’s software and hardware is maintained and upgraded by independent specialists.

Experience and technical ability of management/applicants
The senior researcher, Gift Siukuta, has a Bachelor Honours degree.

NaMedia also attained the Young Business Woman of the Year 2013-, and SNIEDA Woman Innovator of the Year 2014 awards respectively. Natasja Beyleveld joined the company in 2007 as the Head of Media Research before taking over the company as a going concern in 2011.

The technical abilities of the media analysts include:

  • Vast knowledge of categorising topics into their respective issue clusters (media analysts are trained on hundreds of issue clusters with thousands of individual topics) to capture data into a specialised software programme;
  • The media analysts are trained in all client code books, meaning that they have extensive knowledge of clients’ products, protagonists (products or spokespeople) and focus topic areas;
  • The media analysts are trained to issue and collect data (daily) on the central database Whimbrel, in order for the data to be stored for collection and checks;
  • The media analysts are required to adhere to strict data deadlines, and schedule their planning accordingly.

The technical abilities of the research and management department include;
  • Macro and micro data analysis in order to graphically indicate the communication performance of all Namibian industries and companies on a monthly basis;
  • Monthly completion of profile and detail data checks to ensure that the media analysts coded all articles, and all mediums with inter-coder reliability;
  • The completion of list updates to ensure that new topics are included into the media analysts’ coding system, and also that these requests are implemented;
  • Client contract negotiations, proposals, methodology review sessions;
  • Client training sessions, conference presentations;
  • Detail data preparation and presentations, and strategic planning sessions with clients;
  • Networking for knowledge sharing partnership opportunities (conferences, research projects)

Invested in the community
  • Commitment to the establishment of a pro-life, anti-baby dumping organisation called ‘Hannah for Life’ in Namibia
  • Multiple other projects that benefit disadvantaged children and women, mostly in the Katutura State Hospital