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Uploaded on: 21 May 2019
Uploaded on: 22 Jan 2019
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Uploaded on: 16 Jul 2018
Namibian Media’s Coverage on America: 2016 Political Campaigns (PR), Elections, Voting, Political Parties, Domestic Affairs, Political Party Internal Affairs, Democracy/State contribute 14% of Namibia’s media coverage on America. Negative coverage towards ‘political system/ parties’ but with positive coverage on actual elections/ voting.
Uploaded on: 16 Nov 2016
Print Media Journalists with most appearances in leading a) headlines, b) business/economy sections, c) general news sections, and d) sports news
Uploaded on: 11 Nov 2016
The year 2014 generated most negative coverage concerning the Namibian labour
agenda. Deteriorating employee relations as coupled with unsuccessful labour
union negotiations generated most coverage across media. Minimal reference to
cost of labour or productivity during these periods, with most coverage relating to
employee benefits (not employer costs).
Uploaded on: 16 Jun 2016
During Q1 2016, the media directed coverage to a diverse spectrum of issues, whilst emphasise was placed on the water crises, ongoing drought (impact on agriculture), exchange rates, and food security.
Uploaded on: 15 Apr 2016
The HARAMBEE PROSPERITY PLAN (HPP) is constructed around the Namibian narrative. It acknowledges that
we are not starting afresh, but that we must continue with the construct of an inclusive Namibian House, built
on a solid foundation of peace and stability. We are unified by our national identity and stand united in Cause,
to usher Namibia into the epoch of Prosperity.
Uploaded on: 08 Apr 2016
Media Reports: Namibia
President Hage Geingob: First Year in Office
• March 2015 – March 2016
Uploaded on: 18 Mar 2016
During September 2015 to February 2016, 43% of Namibian Media
coverage was dedicated to the business sector, and within this sector the
economy was the second most covered topic-cluster
Uploaded on: 11 Mar 2016
•2016 directs debates towards provision of water, sanitation, food, energy, and infrastructure throughout Namibia
•Media projects emphasis on Namibia’s sustainable management of pension funds, social grants, and ambitions towards more equal wealth, -education (ex. vocational training) and job creation
•Namibia still shadowed by the circumstances of continued economic uncertainty in world markets, poor international demand for commodity, and the negative impact of the drought (and performance of Rand)
•Namibians question the NEEEF and solidarity tax movements. The impact of the NEEEF policy must still be clarified as any uncertainties in the country’s regulatory framework hampers listings on the local index, and primary listings will become increasingly important for institutional investors seeking Namibian assets to comply with legislation
•Acts of crime; cyber security on the one end, and impact of gender based violence (women, children, rehabilitation of perpetrators), baby dumping, alcohol abuse, and high road accident rates still top the agenda on a consistent basis
•Towards 2016, Namibia meets increased reports on human trafficking and anti-corruption measures, with coverage also streaming towards digi-forums and social media channels on a more consistent basis
Uploaded on: 29 Feb 2016
Namibian Media Agenda, : October 2015 – January 2016 Coverage refers to volumes generated (amount of articles per journalist) *Most journalists report on various topics, across various sections of media (at times across multi media channels)
Uploaded on: 01 Feb 2016