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About NaMedia

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NaMedia conducts daily media content analysis of all mainstream print, TV and Radio media in Namibia. NaMedia has a data archive of all print media content driven on the public agenda for the past ten years (TV and Radio included since June 2013), ranging from private/public protagonists, with issue clusters (consisting of hundreds of individual topics) ranging from Government/Business Environment, Corporate Companies, to Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, Workplace Environment, Finance, Regulations, and Product aspects – to name a few. NaMedia monitors the volumes of coverage, ratings of coverage, top aspects driven (status quo) across media (and individual media agendas), top spokespeople, and the dedication of coverage to a specific brand (shared, mentioned, or exclusive coverage to the brand). • Statement-by-statement content analysis of Editorial coverage only (‘one can not pay for your reputation’; one can not manage your reputation via paid-for advertorial media space only) • No sms’s, letters or paid for press releases analyzed • Content analysis of all Namibian/International protagonists (Companies and Industries, Government, Spokespeople) to identify top protagonists and ratings of the coverage on a monthly basis.


Ever heard of the saying; '…what I know, is what I read in the papers?' NaMedia's clients benefit from two levels of coding that offers two integrated products;

Profile data analysis (macro analysis) – used for benchmarking all Namibian Protagonists (industries, companies, spokespeople) across media
Detail data analysis (micro analysis) – used for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking in the form of trend analysis, to indicate a monthly Media Strategy Effectiveness score (MSE score). The latter assists our clients to best integrate the communications- with marketing departments; and to get the 'right information across at the right time'. The complex task of formulating key messages to key stakeholders becomes an ambitious investment into your reputation account, because you have an objective evaluation tool that reflects true outcome (public perception), versus strategy on paper. What is known by the board – is not necessarily known by the public, and only proactive communication can visibly impact on the brand reputation.